Bennett Alphonse

Bennett Alphonse

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Originally called 'Douglas Bennett's Golden Alphonse', this mango was reportedly discovered by a Parsee merchant in the 18th century, later recognized in the late 1800s as an Alphonso derivative that was thought superior to its parent. The fruit were larger, brighter colored and more productive than the then-established and beloved Alphonso in south India. The flavor may have been considered superior as well. However, only a few of the Golden Alphonse trees were to be found in the area of Mumbai when Douglas Bennett sent the variety to the US, where it was introduced in south Florida by the USDA in Miami in 1902. This first Bennett Alphonso tree sent from India was planted on the property of John and Florence Haden in the Coconut Grove area.


Among many Indian mango introductions made during the early 20th century, Bennett's Alphonso was one of the few found to actually perform satisfactorily in south Florida. Nonetheless, it did not receive widespread propagation and has been essentially relegated only to the major germplasm collections in Dade county for many decades.


Based on old archived reports, as well as our own success producing quality Alphonso fruit and observing a very productive Bennet tree in Homestead, we are optimistic about trialing it and grafted Bennett Alphonso in West Palm Beach in 2019 for observation.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso


Country: India


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