Cecilove / Zill 34-24

Cecilove / Zill 34-24

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'Cecilove' is a selection of 'Carrie' from the breeding program of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL. Its pollen parent was likely 'Zill Indochinese' (Zinc), and its flavor group is firmly of the Indochinese hybrid sort. Originally number 34-24, it was given the name 'Cecilove' by Richard Campbell who named it after his wife.


The fruit is ovate in shape, medium-sized and yellow at maturity. The flesh is completely fiberless, yellow and with a rich indochinese hybrid flavor with a defined tart-component that fades as the mango becomes riper, transitioning to a syrupy sweetness with note of 'cola'. Brix measurements of this fruit taken with a refractometer have typically hit in the 20s, outstanding for any mango. The fruit matures mid-season, and is monoembryonic.

The trees have grown somewhat slowly thus far with a compact and dense growth habit.


Cecilove is an interesting newer variety as its eating quality is superb, comparable to other Zinc relatives such as Venus, Sweet Tart, and Buttercream. We are optimistic about its disease resistance due to its Carrie parentage and have a number of the trees growing for evaluation and early returns have been promising thus far. It may prove to be an alternative option to Venus and Sweet Tart should these prove too unreliable for disease or inconsistent blooming.


Flavor: - Indochinese-hybrid


Country: Florida-USA


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