East Indian

East Indian

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East Indian is from Jamaica where it is extremely popular.


It is an oblong, green colored mango of medium size. With sun exposure they develop some epinkish blush at the top. The flesh is highly fibrous and it is best utilized as a juice mango for this reason. The flavor is richly sweet and very resinous with many spice notes and turpenes.


Unfortunately, despite high demand among people from Jamaica, East Indian trees tend to perform poorly across south Florida. Even in West Palm Beach in good growing conditions, East Indian has been very problematic for us to fruit due to fungal problems.  What fruit the trees do produce tend to be consumed by anthracnose while on the tree.


For this reason we do not recommend East Indian for planting in Florida, and may eventually top work our existing tree to something else in the future




Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Jamaica

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