Fruit Cocktail/Zill 28-18

Fruit Cocktail/Zill 28-18

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This was a Jakarta seedling from the breeding project of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL, originally 28-18. It has reportedly been a disappointing producer.


The fruit is roundly shaped, medium sized, and turns yellow. The flesh is fiberless and has an extravagantly rich bouquet and flavor, with different spice notes, some turpenes, medium sweetness, and reminiscent of packeted fruit juice you may have enjoyed with lunch as a child. It appears to be a mid-season variety.


We top worked a Tahar tree into Fruit Cocktail in 2017 for further evaluation.


In 2019 it partially bloomed but almost every single flower was male and it failed to set any fruit. We are optimistic that it will bear fruit in 2020.


Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Florida-USA

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