Fake Himsagar

Fake Himsagar

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Himsagar is one of the most popular cultivars grown in north India, West Bengal, and Bangladesh. Unfortunately, it is not clear if the variety commonly known as Himsagar in that region can even be found in Florida. We have a tree we obtained from a nursery in southwest Florida, who received their original budwood for their own tree from a man named Ron Hensley who had travelled to India and brought it back in the 1990s. 


This ‘Himsagar’ based on descriptions does not sound like the Himsagar in West Bengal, which is a round fruit shaped similarly to the Florida ‘Kent’. So we aren’t quite sure what our ‘Himsagar’ tree is, but it finally matured a crop in 2019.


They have an oval-oblong kidney-shape. The flesh is yellow, firm, and somewhat bland and insipid; the flavor is probably best described as indochinese actually even though this mango was supposedly collected in India. We likely will not be keeping this tree in the long run and will probably eventually top work it.


Adding to the confusion is that the ‘Himsagar’ contained in the collection of the USDA seems to also be a separate cultivar as well (see ‘Lehore Himsagar’). 


Flavor:  - indochinese

Country: India?

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