Iman Passand

Iman Passand

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This mango is somewhat common in southern India where it originated and is also known as ‘Himayat’, ‘Himayudin’ and other similar names. It is a medium-sized, oval-shaped fruit that turns a greenish-yellow at maturity.


The flesh is medium firm, fiberless, and pale yellow in color, containing a monoembryonic seed. The flavor is outstanding, with a strong and interesting perfumey quality to it, with plenty of sweetness and spice notes.


The trees have a low-vigour spreading growth habit. After growing a mislabelled ‘Iman Passand’ for several years, we now believe the Iman Passand trees in south Florida and Hawaii to actually be the same mango as ‘Alampur Baneshan’. 

Flavor:  Indian/West Indian

Country: India

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