This mango was originally called ‘Early Lemony Saigon’ and came from Frank Smathers property in Miami, FL. It was re-named ‘Jean Ellen’ by Richard Campbell and promoted by Fairchild Tropical Garden as a curator’s choice mango at the Mango Festival a number of times.


The fruit are completely yellow, small, oblong in shape similar to ‘Philippine’ or ‘Saigon’, with some fiber in its light-yellow colored flesh.

It has a mild, piney spiced flavor that is somewhat similar to that of the Indian Kesar mango, and is in the Indian/West Indian-flavor group. The seed is polyembryonic.


The trees tend to flower early, usually multiple times. Their season runs from April to June in years when they bear multiple crops. Typically we get at least some or a considerable amount of spring mangos from Jean Ellen. The growth habit is medium vigorous, with open canopy and upright growth habit.


The flowers are a little fungal prone, particularly to anthracnose on its early bloom,  so we’re evaluating Jean Ellen long term for its production consistency.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: Florida - USA

Jean Ellen

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