Lehore Himsagar

Lehore Himsagar

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This is the name we have given to the “Himsagar” contained in the collection of the USDA, which has been propagated to some degree in south Florida. It was not resemble the Himsagar of West Bengal and Bangladesh (which is a round fruit shaped similar to ‘Kent’ or ‘Haden’).


We’ve given it the name ‘Lehore Himsagar’ because the budwood was supposedly sent to the USDA from Lehore, Pakistan along with several other varieties in the early 1960s. However, we now question whether what has been propagated under the name 'Himsagar' with budwood sourced from the USDA is even this same mango that was sent from Pakistan in the early 60s, or whether there was a mislabeling issue somewhere along the way.


Regardless, This mango is slightly oblong in shape, medium-sized and yellow at maturity. The flesh is delightfully rich and sweet in flavor, belonging in the classic flavor group. We've been quite impressed by it. It appears to be a mid-season mango and the trees are precocious and productive in large pots. The seed is monoembryonic.


We have a few of these that we planted in the search for alternative mid-late season varieties. If you have a ‘Himsagar’ tree that was grafted by Zill High Performance Plants, this is the version you have.



Flavor: Classic

Country: Pakistan?

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