From Thailand, Nam Doc Mai #4 is one of numerous iterations of Nam Doc Mai. The #4 tends to be a compact and precocious tree.


The fruit are sigmoid-oblong with a tapering nose, turning a dull green-sih yellow at maturity. The flesh is pale yellow, silky smooth and completely fiberless. It has a strong floral and honey component, lacking any tartness. The seed is long, thin and polyembryonic.


The flowers and foliage have good anthracnose resistance, but the fruit itself is susceptible to post-harvest anthracnose and the flowers are highly prone to powdery mildew. It also appears at least moderately prone to bacterial black spot of the fruit.


The fruit also like to split open on the tree more than the other versions of Nam Doc Mai. They tend to fruit well in deep interior areas with high humidity, but are moderately prone to rot fungi.


Flavor: Thai

Country: Thailand

Nam Doc Mai #4

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