Palm Springs Mango

Palm Springs Mango

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Mango discovered growing in easement of home on west corner of Canal Rd and 39th ave S in Palm Springs, FL. Unclear whether it is a seedling or grafted tree, as there is another mango growing from the same base that produces different fruit. Regardless, ‘Palm Springs’ does not resemble any known cultivars in Florida.


The fruit are fairly small, yellow with no blush,  round and squatly shaped, with firm, fiberless orange flesh. The flavor is very rich, perhaps resembling that of ‘Dot’ but sometimes with a hint of resin. Excellent eating quality. The seed is quite small, polyembryonic but most fruits from this tree seem to have stunted, undeveloped seeds.


Budwood was obtained in August of 2018 and grafted to a mature stump in West Palm Beach for evaluation. If it flowers, it could fruit in 2020.


Flavor:  Classic-acid

Country: Florida - USA

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