Fruits For Pick up Only

Fruits For Pick up Only

Fruits just for Pick it up

Windows time to pick it up: Saturday 05/15/2021 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

We are offering the same fruit that you are buying from our local fruit stand as prepay option to hold fruit for pick up at the farm.

IMPORTANT Read BEFORE Make your Order

Once your order is ready for pickup, we'll send you a confirmation email with pickup details.

The fruit is time sensitive -The order must be picked up within 24 hours of email notification Upon arrival, head to the checkout area and an associate will either have your order waiting for you, or have your order brought to the front for verification.

Please bring a valid ID and your order confirmation email to complete the transaction.

Windows time to pick it up: Monday 05/15/2021 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Thank you for your orders.

Tropical Acres Farms Team Any Questions?

Write an email to

Reserved fruit will be billed at $1 per pound above standard fruit stand price. Please place your order in advance and choose a time to pick it up at the gate.

  • Options - (1) Order per customer

    We are not able to do substitutions 

    • 5 pounds 1 Variety:  Edwards
    • 10 Pounds 1 Variety: Edwards
    • 10 Pounds Sour Green: Green/sour mangos (usable for pickling) are now available for local pickup. These are immature fruit that will not ripen and are intended to be used green!
    • 5 Pounds Mix Varieties 1: Rosigold, Angie, cogshall, Rosa, Edward.
    • 5 Pounds Mix Varieties 2: Angie, Rosigold,Edward, Rosa, Cogshall
    • 5 Pounds Mix Varieties 3: Edward, Glenn, Carabao,Coconut Cream, Jean ellen,Duncan.
    • 5 Pounds Mix Varieties 4:  Angie, Jean ellen, Edward, Rosigold, Dupuis Saigon.
    • 5 Pounds Mix Varieties 5: Mekong, Edward, Angie, Pim Sen Mun, Lady’s choice, Rosa, Carabao.
    • 5 Pounds Mix Varieties 6: Dwarf Hawaiian, Chino, Edward, Coconut Cream.
    • 10 Pounds Dropped Fruits: **WARNING-Dropped fruit may be bruised/damaged!

    All sales final!**