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‘Simmonds’ was a ‘Pollock’ seed started in 1908 that was sent to Washington D.C. by the USDA from Florida.


It was then sent back to Miami in 1913 where it first fruited.


Propagation began in 1921 and it was named in 1923 after Edward Simmonds, the head of the USDA’s Plant Introduction program in Miami.


The ‘Simmonds’ is a pure West Indian-type and was viewed as an improvement on Pollock as an early season producer because it yielded larger crops than its parent.

It went on to become one of the most widely planted early season avocados in Florida, and significant commercial plantings still exist to this day.

It also became a common backyard avocado.


The fruit are green, oval-pyriform shaped, with a yellow flesh with good buttery flavor despite a low oil content.


They are mid-sized and normally ripen from July to September.


The trees themselves are only medium growers, and produce A-type flowers.


Race: West Indian

Flower type: A

Country: Florida - USA

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