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Sometimes spelled as two names (Son Pari), this mango is from India and a product of its national breeding program in Paria, Gujarat state. It was a cross between the Banganpalli (aka Baneshan) and Alphonso varieties and is considered to possess excellent disease resistance, production, and physiological traits compared to its parents. It was introduced to Florida by nurseryman Gary Zill in the early 2000s and the trees have performed well here. 


The fruit are round-ovate in shape, medium-sized and pale-yellow at maturity, sometimes developing a little pink blush at the top. The flesh is yellow, medium firm, fiberless, and contains a monoembryonic seed. The flavor is amazingly rich and complex with a terrific combination of decadent sweetness and spice notes, belonging to the Alphonso-Indian group and superior to both Banganpalli and Alphonso in our opinion.   One fruit brix tested in the 20s in 2017. 


The trees are medium-vigor growers with spreading canopy and appear manageable, with good anthracnose resistance.


Sonpari is a mid-season mango in Florida maturing from late June through July.


Unfortunately, In 2018 we determined Son Pari to be highly prone to mango bacterial black spot.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: India

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