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Tree shipping Disclaimer

Tree Shipping is NOT FREE. Be aware if you elect to have your tree shipped, that we will invoice you for the shipping cost of the tree at the time it is ready to ship. If you’d like an estimate on the cost, please email us and we’ll be happy to supply you with a quote. Due to quirks in our platform we aren’t able to remove the “free shipping“ language.



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IMPORTANT READ BEFORE Make your Grafting Request Order

Spring Grafted Trees should be ready the following Fall. Deadline is May 01

Late Summer & Fall Grafted Trees should be ready the following Spring. Deadline is October 01


A Pre-Order Grafting Request is an order for us to produce the specific tree that we don't currently have available in stock. We must graft the tree and then it must go through a multi-month process to heal and grow. Only Once the small tree has completed two flushes of growth since it was grafted do we consider it ready to leave our nursery.

Angie is an exciting selection made from the former property of Frank Smathers in Miami, FL. It was likely a cross between Edward and Carrie, and shares traits from both. This variety has received considerable publicity due to being featured as a Curator's Choice mango at the Fairchild Mango Festival numerous times. It was named in honor of Angie Whitman, wife of famous rare fruit explorer and collector Bill Whitman.

The fruit is shaped and colored similarly to Edward, is of medium size and firmness, with yellow fiberless flesh whose flavor closely mirrors that of the beloved 'Carrie'. It possesses notes of rich spice, resin, stone fruit, with plenty of sweetness to go along with it. The seed is thin and monoembryonic. 

A wonderful and very popular fruit, the tree itself is very compact and easy to maintain, as well as being very resistant to anthracnose, though it can have issues with foliar scab when grown in humid interior areas. The fruit itself is very anthracnose resistant and is highly resistant to mango bacterial black spot and rot, a huge plus in an era where these diseases are becoming an increasing problem with other cultivars. It has very good resistance to powdery mildew as well.

We feel Angie is a great smaller-tree alternative to Carrie and Alphonso and it has become one of our most popular and sought after mangos. The trees have been extremely reliable for us as well.

It is an early season mango, usually maturing in May into July in West Palm Beach.

Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: Florida-Usa

Seed: Monoembryonic

Season:  early season, May-July

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