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Tree shipping Disclaimer

Tree Shipping is NOT FREE. Be aware if you elect to have your tree shipped, that we will invoice you for the shipping cost of the tree at the time it is ready to ship. If you’d like an estimate on the cost, please email us and we’ll be happy to supply you with a quote. Due to quirks in our platform we aren’t able to remove the “free shipping“ language.



SKU: 000242

IMPORTANT READ BEFORE Make your Grafting Request Order

Spring Grafted Trees should be ready the following Fall. Deadline is May 01

Late Summer & Fall Grafted Trees should be ready the following Spring. Deadline is October 01


A Pre-Order Grafting Request is an order for us to produce the specific tree that we don't currently have available in stock. We must graft the tree and then it must go through a multi-month process to heal and grow. Only Once the small tree has completed two flushes of growth since it was grafted do we consider it ready to leave our nursery.

Sometimes spelled differently (Shindri, Sindiri, etc), this mango is  from Pakistan, where it is very popular. It is also grown on some scale in northern India as well.

It is an oblong-shaped yellow mango and the eating quality is excellent. The flesh is light yellow, fiberless, and richly sweet with a high quality classic mango flavor. It is one of the better tasting of the classically flavor grouped mangos that we grow. It contains a monoembryonic seed.

We obtained a Sindhri tree a number of years ago and it has grown very slowly since being planted around 2014, with dense and spreading canopy. It finally fruiting sparsely in 2021, and fruited again in 2022. We suspect it will flower more willingly in colder, drier climates such as southern California.


Flavor: - Classic

Country: Pakistan

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