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What’s Happening at Tropical Acres Farms

🥭Special Updates 🥭


Dear friends and grafters,

Budwood Info

Avocado, Sapodilla, Mamey and Green Sapote budwood will continue to be available the rest of the year. Any changes to the weekly check schedule will be noted on the budwood page of our website. Mango Budwood will be available again on April 01st/2024.

Potted Trees and grafting requests 

We have completed an inventory of our 15 gallon, 7, and 3 gallon trees.

1 gallon inventory is expected to be completed by some point in September but you may request to see if any varieties are available in 1 gallon and we can check for you.

Friendly Reminder that we only ship trees in 3 and 1 gallon sizes upon request.

15 and 7 gallon trees must be picked up directly at the farm.

We are still accepting orders for grafted trees for this year’s grafting season, which will conclude in October. If there is any variety you’ve been wanting to add to your collection, now is a great time to place a graft order for a tree that will be ready in Spring/Summer. Remember shipping is now available upon request to almost all the states!

(Shipping and handling charges will be apply.

Additional cost for CA and AZ due to Live plants phytosanitary requirements

We are not able to Ship Trees to Hawaii at this time).

We are always accepting grafting requests, so if there’s a special variety you’ve been wanting to get and can’t seem to find, you can place the order in the variety page on our website and we can graft one for you, or reserve one for you which we’ve already grafted.

Deadline for Spring time Order is October 01st/2023. Any extra/"spare" trees will be assigned for Spring readiness, but absent of a spare any graft order received after October 1st will be grafted in Spring 2024 for readiness in Fall 2024. If you want to check about current or expected availability before placing an order, contact us directly and we can check our inventory.

FRUIT STAND: Closed for the Season

Our fruit stand is now closed for the season. We are posting any remaining fruit for preorder pickup on our webshop at night between 8pm and 10pm EST. Fruit shipping season has closed as well.

Website Update

We have added some additional varieties to our collection, as well as updated the descriptions of all our existing trees to reflect what information we have as of 2023.

For any questions you may have, please email us at or call us at 561-329-6066.

We’ll be happy to answer.