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Sapodilla(Manilkara Zapota)

One of our best kept secrets!

Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) is one of our best kept secrets. This tropical fruit crop belonging in the Sapotaceae family goes under a variety of names in tropical places, such as Naseberry in the West Indies, Chiku in India, and ‘Nispero’ in much of Latin America. 


It likely originated in modern-day Mexico but has become established throughout the tropical world including Asia. 


A decadently rich and sweet fruit, Sapodilla has at times been likened to a brown sugary pear, due to older varieties having a tendency towards gritty flesh texture. However, we now have cultivars of sapodilla that have very smooth textures, and we liken them more to a persimmon! 


They are high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Despite its popularity overseas, most Americans are unfamiliar with this delicious fruit but are often delighted after trying them. 


We grow several varieties of sapodilla, and their season for us is primarily in spring and summer. 

We currently grow the following varieties:


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