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If  you are interested in grafting your own mangos, avocados, sapodillas or mamey & you would like to order scions from us, please fill the information below.

If you would like us to check budwood for you, you can submit a checklist, Simply select the variety from the menu and the number of scions you want for that variety, then add to the list. Don’t worry if you make a mistake ,there is an option to erase the list and start over. 

Please know that there will be a $6 checklist fee to have us check the list for you. This will be used towards your order and and non-refundable once we check your list, *unless* we find no available budwood from your list, in which case the $6 will be refunded. Once we have checked your list, we will send you an invoice for the varieties which are ready.

Scion Price $6 each

Shipping between $12 and $20 - depending on quantity, Contiguous States. Hawaii Shipping available.

Budwood Checklist requests deadline is until every Saturday at 1:00 pm eastern time.

Payment confirmation deadline is until every day Monday to Thursday  at 09:00 am eastern time.

We will be checking Every Sunday & sending invoices the next following days

The last day for payment confirmation & shipping orders is going to be Thursday of every week.

We do not guarantee any full list of desired varieties and/or quantities.

Due to the nature of vegetative growth, budwood requests are very time-sensitive.

Orders should be placed as soon as notification is received that desired varieties have ready buds.

A variety marked ready may be unsuitable for grafting several days later.

Thank you for understanding.


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