Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon was reportedly an Edward seedling from Gary Zill’s breeding program in Boynton Beach, FL (planting number 4-20) which may have crossed with Carrie or Val-Carrie.


The fruit are huge, up to 3 pounds, round, and shaped more like a Kent mango. They turn light orange at maturity sometimes with some red blush. They are firm fleshed, sweet in the classic-flavor group with notes of ‘plum’. The fruit have been resistant to anthracnose and do not seem to get bacterial black spot; they do have a problem with sometimes splitting open on the tree before maturity, however.


The trees are very vigorous, upright growers. They have developed a reputation as poor producers that drop a lot of the fruit they set, but our Harvest Moon trees have performed acceptably and are best described as average producers considering the size of the fruit.


Harvest Moon matures from July into August.


Flavor:  Classic - Acidic

Country: Florida - USA

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