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The Juliette is a seedling of ‘Julie’ from the breeding program of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL (planting # HE-4).


The fruit are fairly small, oval shaped somewhat similar to Julie, turning a light yellow-green color at maturity with less pink blush than its parent. The flesh is very soft, fiberless, and has a rich Indian spice flavor that we and others believe tastes more similar to ‘Carrie’ than ‘Julie’. The seed is monoembryonic.


The trees are definitely more vigorous growers than Julie, with a more upright growth habit and dense canopy.


Production appears steady and reasonably good, and more interestingly the season is mid-late, with the fruit ripening from July into August most years. Juliette appears promisingly resistant to bacterial spot and rot, but may be prone to anthracnose in more humid areas.



Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: Florida - USA

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