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Budwood  Check Availability List*

March 15th/2020

Steps to order scions from us:

  1. Check out our budwood availability list below. Note: Please do NOT request anything that is not on this list.

  2. Then EMAIL us with a list of varieties you are interested in ordering AND desired quantity of each to tropicalacresfarms@gmail.com - w the subject: My budwood/Scions Checklist 2021

  3. ⏰📩 WAIT for our reply, We will check them for you and let you know what is ready.

Current Availability List

The varieties listed below are large enough to harvest budwood from. Some cultivars are not listed due to size or proprietary reasons, or they may be temporarily unavailable due to high demand and will appear again later. Please check with us to determine what names from this list currently have ready budwood.

Important Please Read

*Due to the nature of vegetative growth, budwood requests are time sensitive. Orders should be placed as soon as notification is received that desired varieties have ready buds*. A variety marked ready may be unsuitable for grafting several days later.

Any Questions? 

Please write an email to tropicalacresfarms@gmail.com


Consultas o preguntas en espanol? 

Por favor envienos un correo electronico a tropicalacresfarms@gmail.com

* Our availability list is constantly updated by the quantity of orders.

We apologize for any inconvenience.



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Budwood Stock