Ah Ping

Ah Ping

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Ah Ping was selected in Hawaii and named after Mrs. Chun Ah Ping of Mapulehu, Molokai. 


The tree has a spreading, moderately vigorous growth habit with long internodes. It’s a very good producer of *beautiful* red oval fruit with very firm, yet fiberless texture and very sweet classic flavor. The seed is monoembryonic.


Not as well known as it should be, we really like this fruit and it has proven to be quite popular with people who try it. 

Ah Ping is an early season mango and usually ripens from May to June. Sometimes it will have fruit ripen as early as April here.


We have discovered that Ah Ping is highly prone to bacterial black spot. However, this problem has proven somewhat manageable on Ah Ping for the last several years.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Hawaii-USA

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