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Amrapali is from India’s national breeding program, a “newer” cultivar developed in the 1970s by crossing 'Dasheri' and 'Neelam'. This makes Amrapali the sibling of the better known ‘Mallika’.


Amrapali has developed a strong reputation as a disease resistant mango of excellent eating quality that also possesses strong attributes as a tree: it is considered dwarf, precocious and highly productive.


We planted our Amrapali in 2017 and also topworked it onto a mature tree in 2018 to evaluate it better. Other Amrapali trees in Florida have grown extremely slowly and this has been the case with ours. In 2020, the topworked Amrapali fruited for the first time, while the planted tree still has yet to fruit or even flower.


The fruit is small, sigmoid shaped and goes overripe easily, but when sliced firm it has a deliciously rich and complex flavor that is difficult to classify, containing elements of both citrus and Indian/West Indian flavor elements.



Country: India


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