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Angie is an exciting selection made from the former property of Frank Smathers in Miami, FL. It was likely a cross between Edward and Carrie, and shares traits from both. This variety has received considerable publicity due to being featured as a Curator's Choice mango at the Fairchild Mango Festival numerous times. It was named in honor of Angie Whitman, wife of famous rare fruit explorer and collector Bill Whitman.


The fruit is shaped and colored similarly to Edward, is of medium size and firmness, with yellow fiberless flesh whose flavor closely mirrors that of the beloved ‘Carrie’. It possesses notes of rich spice, resin, apricot, with plenty of sweetness to go along with it. The seed is monoembryonic. 


A wonderful fruit, the tree itself is very compact and easy to maintain, as well as being fairly resistant to anthracnose, though it can have issues with foliar scab when grown in humid interior areas. It is highly resistant to mango bacterial black spot and rot, a huge plus in an era where these diseases are becoming an increasing problem with other cultivars.


We feel Angie is a good alternative to Carrie and Alphonso and it is fast becoming one of our most popular and sought after mangos.

It is an early season mango, usually maturing in June into July.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: Florida-Usa


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