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Baptiste is a variety from Haiti, not quite as famous as the Madame Francis but still widely grown there. It is an unusual mango, having a very firm but fiber-free flesh that also isn’t very juicy by mango-standards either, and contains a polyembryonic seed. The flavor is of medium-sweetness with strong notes of ‘carrot’, in addition to a resinous component.


The fruit are oval, small-to-medium sized and turn yellow at maturity with a reasonably long shelf life. They usually ripen in July. An odd fruit that has developed a niche following with those who appreciate its interesting flavor.


The trees are vertically oriented, though only of medium vigor. Baptiste has produced very well and consistently for us over the years in West Palm Beach. In Loxahatchee, the flowers were very prone to anthracnose. It has been largely free of mango bacterial black spot and rot.


Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Haiti


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