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Beverly was selected by the Zill family of Boynton Beach, FL and may have been a Haden seedling. It was quickly recognized as a late season mango with very good eating quality. Indeed the Zills considered it superior to the other late-season mangos (such as Keitt and Kent), and many people who try it seem to agree. 


The fruit are round-to-oval and shape and medium in size, yellow at maturity developing a light pink blush when grown along the coast. They are strong, steady producers and the fruit normally ripen between July and September. Like other late-season mangos, their seeds will sometimes sprout within the fruit as it begins to ripen.


The flesh is yellow, soft, fiber-free containing a monoembryonic seed. It has a very rich, sweet classic flavor with some light ‘melon’ notes. 


The trees themselves have a relatively spreading, low-medium vigour growth habit and are quite manageable.  


Unfortunately Beverly has been recently found to be prone to rot; its bacterial black spot susceptibility is still unclear.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA


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