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Often erroneously spelled ‘Brogdon’, this B-type avocado originated as a seedling on the property of Tom W. Brogden in Winter Haven, FL in the 1930s.


It may be a complex hybrid that contains genes from the 3 major races of avocados.


The variety began to receive some attention in the 1950s due to its excellent cold hardiness (mature trees can tolerate temperatures close to 20F) as well as superior flavor.


Brogden’s fruit size and average production were insufficient to justify commercial plantings but it has found a niche as a backyard avocado over the years and performs well in areas of central Florida too cold to grow many other kinds of avocados.


The fruit are small, smooth skinned and pear shaped, turn purple/black in color when they are nearing maturity which is typically from July through August .


The flesh is light yellow/green in color, with a rich nutty flavor and good oil content.


The biggest drawback is its poor flesh-to-seed ratio. Nonetheless, Brogden is one of our favorite tasting avocados and a good early-season backyard option.


Race: hybrid

Flower type: B

Country: Florida- USA

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