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Brooks was the second important cultivar to be selected in Florida after ‘Haden’, and was a seedling of the Sandersha (aka Totapuri, aka Bangalora) that first fruited in Miami in 1916.


It was quickly recognized for its strong production and its late season bearing habit, holding fruit in August and sometimes September.


Firm flesh and acceptable mild flavor resulted in it being planted commercially.


Thereafter, it became the parent of a number of more famous Florida cultivars, including Kent, Keitt, Hatcher, and others, all of which were viewed as improvements over it and resulted in it being phased out by many growers.


Despite this, old Brooks trees can still be found in parts of south Florida. Unfortunately we have found that its descendents are all susceptible to bacterial spot and rot fungi, which likely means Brooks itself is highly susceptible.


We planted a Brooks tree in 2017 anyway for evaluation purposes but topworked it after all the fruit rotted in 2018.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA


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