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Cac is from Vietnam, and appears to be synonymous with ‘Cat Chu’ which is grown on considerable commercial scale there. We speculate that it was an abbreviation written on a pot that resulted in this name. It shouldn't be confused with 'Coc' or "toad mango" in Vietnam, a dissimilar cultivar. Cac was introduced to Florida over a decade ago, and has fast caught on as one of the most promising “new” varieties to be grown here. 


The fruit is exceptionally rich and sweet, with a brilliant acid component to balance out its sweetness.

A really terrific Indochinese hybrid that likely contains genes from both southeast Asian and Indian lines, Cac is also a good steady producer and largely disease-free.


The fruit is heart-shaped, yellow and averages around a pound at maturity. Its major drawback is that the trees are quite vigorous, with a spreading growth habit that will likely be difficult to control over time. For this reason its not a good option for people with tree size concerns.


It is a mid-season mango in Florida, primarily ripening from late June into July most years.


Flavor: Saigon/Indian-Indochinese hybrids

Country: Vietnam


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