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This mango was selected in Bokeelia, FL on Pine Island and was likely a Haden seedling. It received a small amount of attention in the 1940s but wasn’t viewed as having commercial potential, so largely remained in the mango collections of Dade county and un-propagated. Carl and Richard Campbell took a liking to the fruit however, and Richard began promoting it in the 1990s as an excellent tree for home growers due to its compact growth habit, steady production and good eating traits.


The fruit are oval-oblong, medium sized, developing beautiful red blush with yellow background color. The flesh is very soft, fiberless and its another variety that can go overripe quickly. The seed is monoembryonic and freestone.


The flavor is in the classic group, peachy and moderately sweet.


While the trees are very manageable, the flowers and fruit are prone to anthracnose when grown in the deep interior.


Cogshall has been a very steady producer for us over the years. It is an early season mango and matures from May through June for us. It also appears resistant to bacterial spot and rot.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA


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