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This mango was selected in Miami many decades ago by E.L. Cushman, and is of uncertain parentage. The budwood made its way into the hands of the mango-growing Dupuis family at some point and they labeled it 'Big Yellow'. Walter Zill later recognized that this mango was synonymous with 'Cushman'.


It is a round-shaped yellow fruit that often resembles a grapefruit. Its flesh is fiberless, yellow, with a distinctive orange “halo” outlining the periphery of the flesh near the skin. The seed is small and monoembryonic. The flavor is of the classic group and comparable to ‘Edward’.


The trees can be very disease-prone and unproductive depending on where they are being grown.


Cushman is a midseason cultivar and usually ripens July-August in south Florida.


Sadly we have discovered that Cushman is highly prone to mango bacterial black spot of the fruit. In 2019 we cut the tree to a stump to be topworked.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA


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