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Day is thought to be a hybrid between Mexican and West Indian types.


It may have originated on the West coast of Florida.


This avocado is very productive, precocious, and one of our favorites to eat.


It has a buttery texture and rich nut-like flavor that will appeal to those who have a preference for avocados that come from California or Mexico.


The fruit are medium sized, turning a light green color with good flesh-to-seed ratio.


Day fruit can sometimes ripen unevenly but this problem seems to be ameliorated by leaving the fruit on the tree longer, and it does have an extended season. Because of its lineage, Day has good cold tolerance (possibly into the low 20s) and may be a good choice for people wanting to grow avocados in marginal areas for them due to temperature.


Day produces B-type flowers and typically matures its fruit from September through November.


Race: Mexican and West Indian hybrid

Flower type: B

Country: Florida- USA

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