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Dot was selected by the Zill family of Boynton Beach, FL and named after Dorothy Zill, wife of Laurence Zill and mother of Walter, Gary and Marlys Zill.


Originally it was speculated to be a Carrie seedling, though USDA pedigree analysis estimated it was from ‘Zill’, to which it also probably bears more resemblance in terms of shape and ripening traits.


Dot is known for its exceptionally rich, robust and delicious flavor that many people treasure. Its flavor is unique and difficult to classify by group, though we classify it as classical in flavor. It is ovate in shape and typically yellow at maturity, sometimes with a little pink blush.


The flesh is yellow, fiberless, and contains a monoembryonic seed.


The trees are moderately vigorous growers with spreading, open canopy. They tend to be precocious and flower regularly, and are consistent producers. They are highly anthracnose prone though and will not perform well in deeper interior areas. Interestingly, Dot appears to be highly resistant to mango abcterial black spot and rot fungi.


The fruit are early-to-mid season, and ripen between June and July. Their season tends to be fairly extended.


They must not be allowed to ripen on the tree or will turn overripe and musky, and they will hang on well past peak ripeness if not harvest on time. But a properly ripened Dot is truly incredible to taste!


Flavor: Classic-acidic

Country: USA


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