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Duncan was an Edward seedling selected by David Sturrock in West Palm Beach, FL and the result of a cross between the Edward and a Philippine mango. It was named after Ralph Duncan of Boynton Beach, who had contributed to a book written by Sturrock.


Duncan was observed to be a highly productive and disease resistant tree, producing medium sized clean yellow fruit with an Indochinese flavor. Consequently David Sturrock patented the Duncan, making it one of the few Florida mangos to receive a patent.


Duncan trees are low vigour growers with spreading growth habit, and are very manageable. The fruit have a long season lasting from late June into early August, and the later fruit tend to be superior to the earlier maturing ones.


It has some of the best disease resistance of any mango cultivar we’re aware of, displaying excellent resistance to all the major diseases impacting mango in south Florida, including the newer bacterial spot and rot diseases.


We still harvest the original Duncan tree, along with about 20 others.


Flavor: Indochinese Hybrid

Country: Florida-USA


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