Dupuis Saigon

Dupuis Saigon

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Sometimes just called ‘Dupuis’, this was a seedling of Saigon selected by Dr. John Dupuis. It has also been called "Dr. Saigon" as well.


The trees are very vigorous, vertical growers.


They are good producers of small-to-medium sized, oblong-shaped yellow fruit that develop limited pink blush. The flesh is fiberless with a delightfully sweet hybrid flavor with a touch of tropical acidity, making it popular among those who try it. 


Dupuis Saigon is an early season mango ripening between May and June for us, and usually has a short season spanning a couple weeks. It is somewhat anthracnose prone and its performance in the interior suffers as a result, but the trees excel along the coast. It also appears to be resistant to mango bactgerial black spot.


Flavor: Indochinese hybrid

Country: Florida - USA


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