Dwarf Hawaiian/Tete Nene

Dwarf Hawaiian/Tete Nene

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This mango is now commonly known as ‘Dwarf Hawaiian’ despite actually being from Puerto Rico, where it was given the name ‘Tete Nene’. It was likely a Julie seedling, and its growth habit and foliage resemble that of Julie, as does the flavor. 


Dwarf Hawaiians are compact, dwarfish trees that require hardly any pruning when young.


They appear to be very sensitive to changes in temperatures and humidity, resulting in early flowering every year in the fall, and usually will flower multiple times during the course of the bloom season in south Florida. Typically this means the tree will hold multiple crops. 


The fruit are on the small side, round-shaped and turn red in color. The flesh has a small amount of fiber, but possess a wonderfully rich and spice-filled flavor with the right amount of sweetness.


We are big fans of this mango and customers seem to enjoy it too, particularly those who appreciate the Julie.


The earliest fruit tend to come in April but the second crop occurs from June to July. It does appear to be too anthracnose prone for interior areas, but performs impressively close to the ocean.


Flavor: Coconut

Country: Puerto Rico


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