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This mango was selected by Walter B. Eldon of Miami, FL in the 1940s. Its parentage is unknown, but it's definitely descended from Indian-types. The trees are very good producers and have been introduced to West Africa as a commercial variety. 


The fruit is medium sized, and turns a tomato red color at maturity. The flesh is fiberless, with a mild classic-type flavor.


The fruit goes overripe quickly if allowed to ripen on the trees, and should be harvested mature green. We had a large old Eldon tree that produced massive crops. This tree was cut to a stump however due to disease problems. A smaller Eldon tree was also cut back and top worked.


Unfortunately we have discovered that Eldon is highly prone to bacterial black spot, and do not recommend its planting for this reason.



Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA


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