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Florigon was the result of a home hybridization project by John Kaiser of Ft. Lauderdale, who was once the police chief there. Kaiser planted different seeds of ‘Saigon’ mangos and selected one that likely had Haden as pollinating parent which fruited in 1936. He named this seedling the ‘Florigon’, a combination of the words ‘Florida’ and ‘Saigon’. 



The fruit are yellow and ovate in shape, with a yellow soft and fiberless flesh that has a mild-sweet  Indochinese.


Heavy rainfall can wash out Florigon’s flavor, but during dry weather they are nice fruit.


The trees are medium vigorous growers with open canopies and somewhat vertical growth habit. They have outstanding anthracnose resistance, and routinely fruited for us under heavy disease pressure in Loxahatchee Groves even when they were not sprayed. Florigon is also very resistant to mango bactgerial black spot and rot fungi.


The trees are good producers as well. Florigon is an early-season mango and typically ripens from May through June.



Flavor: Indochinese hybrid

Country: Florida-USA

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