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Hass is a Guatemalan-type avocado that grew from a seed planted in 1926 by Rudolph Hass of La Habra Heights, California. It was found to be of outstanding eating quality and was patented in 1935.


It grew in popularity over the years and has risen to become the #1 avocado of the commercial trade in Mexico and California. The trees are considered vigorous growers, make B-type flowers and produce small oval shaped fruit with a pebbly skin that turns black as it ripens.


The seed is small and the flesh has a distinctive nutty flavor with excellent oil content.


The story of the Hass in south Florida is more troubled; though the trees can grow here, they have historically struggled to produce quality fruit, likely owing to both soil and more wet/humid climate. Many have had poor luck with it but there are success stories of Hass in Florida.


Our tree has fruited once before and the eating quality of the fruit was excellent; however, the fruit came out very small (egg sized) and the tree has struggled with micronutrient deficiencies that have required correcting.


We haven’t given up hope on our Hass however and will continue evaluating it for future seasons.


Race: Guatemalan

Flower type: B

Country: California- USA

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