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Gary is thought to be a cross between the Carrie and Pettigrew cultivars, and was selected by the Zill family of Boynton Beach in the 1970s as a random seedling. 


The fruit is on the small size, oval in shape. It has a soft fiberless flesh with very distinctive coconut flavor likely inherited from the Pettigrew, some describing it as a Pina Colada flavor, with a high degree of sweetness to go with it. The seed is polyembryonic.


Along the coast it will turn yellow when ripe but when grown inland it stays green. 


The trees are moderately vigorous growers with dense canopies. They are highly fungus prone, and really only suitable for growing near the coast. They also tend to produce too many male flowers, which can limit fruit set for many. 


We have had poor luck attempting to grow Gary as our first tree turned out to be a runt and was removed; the replacement has grown slowly as well and we’re considering topworking a larger tree into it to jumpstart the evaluation process.


Gary is a mid-season variety in south Florida.


Flavor:  Coconut

Country: Florida - USA

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