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This mango is reportedly from Egypt, though none of our Egyptian customers seem familiar with it. It is yellow and has a long oblong shape, with decent fruit size.


The flesh is yellow, firm, fiberless, and very finely flavored, belonging to the Indian/West Indian flavor group. It is comparable to mangos like Step and Taymour in flavor. The seed is monoembryonic, unlike most Egyptian mangos. The tree has a spreading growth habit and is somewhat vigorous. Because it is a large, oblong shaped fruit it may be prone to some splitting on the tree.


We planted Gaylour in 2017 for evaluation. It first fruited in 2019 and we were very impressed with it. It appears to be a mid-season fruit here. If it can prove itself sufficiently resistant to bacterial spot and rot, we would consider adding more of it.


Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Egypt

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