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Glenn was a seedling selected in Miami, FL by Roscoe Glenn in 1944. It was reported to be a Haden seedling but Roscoe Glenn affirmed that it was actually a seedling of a ‘Saigon’ mango. Haden was probably the pollinating parent though. 


The trees are medium size growers with dense canopies, and are regular producers with good anthracnose resistance, fruiting well even in marginal interior locations. They also appear to be very resistant to mango bacterial black spot and rot diseases.


They have a mild peachy flavor that is delightful during dry weather, though can be washed out under wet conditions. The seed is monoembryonic.


The fruit are small-to-medium sized and develop nice red or orange blush at maturity. They make excellent trees for home growers, and ripen early season from May to June.


Flavor:  Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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