Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

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Gold Nugget was a seedling selected in the 1980s by Edward Mitchel, a commercial mango grower in Miami, FL. Mitchell later patented the variety, making it one of the few patented Florida mangos.


It was likely a Kent seedling, and its season mimicks Kent, occurring from late July into August.  The fruit is oval shaped and turns a yellow-orange color at maturity. The flesh is orange, firm, and has a somewhat mild but good classic flavor. It contains a monoembryonic seed.


The trees are low-vigour and spreading growth habit, and they fruit fairly consistently and heavily, and the fruit have good shelf life. Because they are descended from Brooks, we are monitoring Gold Nugget for susceptibility to bacterial black spot and rot diseases, but fortunately as of 2019now it has not displayed significant susceptibility to the new diseases.


Flavor:  Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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