Golden Lippens

Golden Lippens

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This mango was a seedling of ‘Lippens’, selected by Peter and Irene Lippens of Miami, FL. The seed was planted in 1942 and first fruited in 1951. The Golden Lippens was publicized and described by the Florida Mango Forum in the 1950s, but despite its good production traits, it never became a commonly planted variety. 


The trees are medium-sized growers, and very good producers. Our tree has produced heavy crops.


The fruit are medium-to-large sized, oval-oblong in shape, turning yellow at maturity. The flesh has scanty fiber, with a mild flavor somewhat comparable to that of Valencia Pride. They have a monoembryonic seed.


Golden Lippens are mid season for maturity and ripen from July to August.


Flavor:  Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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