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Gouveia was from the property of Ruth Gouveia of Palolo Valley, Oahu, Hawaii and said to be a seedling of Pirie (see 'Bombay'), though Pirie at times is a name used interchangeably with 'White Piri' in Hawaii, thus Gouveia's precise parentage is uncertain. It began to receive some attention from horticulturalists in Hawaii in the 1950s and was named in 1964. Over a number of years, it was evaluated by the University of Hawaii and recommended for home planting in dry areas.


The fruit are ovoid-ovate in shape, medium sized and are known to develop attractive red blush color on the skin. The flesh has minimal fiber and is reported to be of exceptional high quality.


We grafted Gouveia in 2019 on the strength of the reports of its eating quality, as well as having observed some promising production on Gouveia trees growing in Homestead, and the fact that it is a Piri descendent, as varieties from this line have demonstrated some resistance to mango bacterial black spot. We're excited to evaluate it in the coming years.






Country: Hawaii - USA


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    Hawaii - USA

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