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Guava was a very old seedling tree growing in the area Jupiter, FL. Walter Zill grafted from it before the original tree was cut down, thus saving the variety from destruction and was very impressed with its flavor, enough to propagate it further. 


The fruit are small and have an ovate shape like ‘Zill’ and are greenish-yellow at maturity. The flesh is fiberless with an incredible strong aroma reminiscent of a guava, hence the name. The flavor is Indian-type with rich, robust spice notes and great sweetness.Guava has proven to be a very popular mango among those who have tried it. It does not appear to be a highly productive variety, but isn't prone to bacterial spot and rot, which is a major plus.


This is a wonderful fruit, and we planted a Guava tree in 2016 for evaluation. It fruited in 2019. We have since begun top working other trees into Guava as well.


Flavor:  Indian/West Indian

Country: Florida - USA

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