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Haden was a seedling of Mulgoba, a cross between the Mulgoba and a Turpentine mango. It was one of 4 dozen seeds planted by Capt. John Haden in Coconut Grove, FL in 1902 from fruit he had obtained from Elbridge Gale’s Mulgoba tree in West Palm Beach. The tree fruited in 1910 and was named by his widow Florence. It was quickly recognized as the first promising seedling to be selected in Florida, and hastily became the most propagated mango in Florida and the first to be grown commercially.


The fruit are round, medium sized, and turn a beautiful red with yellow background color at maturity. The flesh has a moderate amount of fiber, with a sweet ‘classic’ peachy flavor. It contains a monoembryonic seed. The fruit are prone to internal breakdown if allowed to ripen on the tree and susceptible to post-harvest anthracnose. Unfortunately Haden is also fairly prone to bacterial black spot, and many of its progeny even more so.


The trees themselves are vigorous growers with spreading dense canopies. Haden has long been outclassed by many varieties that have come out since it debuted, and most Florida varieties can trace at least part of their lineage to it. It is still loved by many older Floridians who grew up with Haden and have a nostalgic attachment to it. What is thought to be the original Haden tree still stands in Coconut Grove today.


The fruit are early season typically ripening from May to July.


Flavor:  Classic


Country: Florida - USA

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