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Itamaraca is from Brazil and apparently there maybe be several ‘iterations’ of it ( get it? haha :P).


The fruit is very small and round, sometimes flying saucer-shaped. They’re green but develop some yellow and red blush at maturity.  The flesh is fiberless and has what we would categorize as Indian/Alphonso class flavor, resembling the flavor of the Kesar variety. So if you are a fan of Kesar you may enjoy trying Itamaraca! The seed is small and polyembryonic.


The trees are spreading growers with a dwarfish- compact growth habit. Despite the small fruit size, they produce well. We planted our Itamaraca in 2017 for evaluation and it fruited in 2019. It appear to be an early-to-midseason variety with an extended season.


Flavor:  - Indian/Alphonso

Country: Brazil

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