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The Jakarta mango was likely a chance seedling of ‘Kent’ selected on the property of the Zill family in Boynton Beach, FL several decades ago. It may have had ‘Bombay’ in its parentage as well based on flavor characteristics. Jakarta was utilized in the breeding project of Gary Zill and is the parent of a number of wonderful selections including Sunrise, Fruit Cocktail, and Phoenix.


The fruit are medium-to-large sized, ovately shaped and develop and orange-red blush at maturity. They lack uniformity in shape more than most mangos. The flesh is fiberless, resinous with many  piney terpenes and spice undertones. It is a strong representation of what we call the Indian/West Indian flavor group. A flavor loved by many from India and the West Indies but at times too strong for the American palate. But we happen to love the flavor. It has a monoembryonic seed.


The trees have an earned reputation for fruiting poorly, particularly in the interior where they are very disease-prone. Along the coast they can be steady producers, and anecdotal evidence indicates  cross-pollination compatibility may have a significant influence on Jakarta’s production habits.


The trees are very vigorous growers with upright, open canopies. Due to this and their unpredictable production habit they’re a poor option for most backyards.


Jakarta has a long season in south Florida and can mature from late-May into July. 


Flavor:  Indian/West Indian

Country: Florida-USA

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