Kathy / Kryptonite

Kathy / Kryptonite

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Kathy was selected from Gary Zill’s breeding program in Boynton Beach, FL (planting # K-3), and was a seedling of the Zill Indochinese (Zinc), making it a sibling of ‘Venus’ and ‘Sweet Tart’. It has also been named 'Kryptonite' by Richard Campbell.


The fruit are oval, medium-to-large in size, and turn yellow at maturity. They have a fiberless flesh with a rich, Saigon-Indochinese hybrid type flavor with a milder, less pronounced tart component than that of its siblings. 


The trees appear to be medium-sized growers and the young ones can struggle with fungal problems. Its a mid-season mango maturing from July to August.


We planted Kathy in 2017. The tree has grown sluggishly thus far.


Flavor: Indochinese hybrid

Country: Florida - USA

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